An emic focus is one which evaluates reality from the inside. It is therefore different than a conventional viewpoint of objective science where reality is evaluated from the outside. That is called an etic focus.

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Hugh Evans

I grew up in Dublin in the 1960’s, studied electrical engineering at University College Dublin, and pursued a career as a software developer in the field of Information Technology.

In 2001 I obtained a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology and Social Transformation with a Concentration in Human and Organizational Transformation from the California Institute of Integral Studies ( in San Francisco. While attending the California Institute of Integral Studies I became interested in the work of Gregory Bateson, anthropologist, philosopher, biologist and system theorist ( and this interest led to a growing interest in human ways of understanding including epistemology, philosophy, language and culture.


I have been a disciple of the mystic Osho (, and a student of psychospiritual development in the Diamond Logos teaching of Faisal Muqaddam ( From 2006 until 2012 I taught the Diamond Logos work and for a period offered teacher training in this work.

Since 1994 I have had a deep interest in the Human Design system ( and have had a long standing collaboration with Kumud Kabir ( in understanding how to engage in personal spiritual development in a way that synthesises the viewpoints of traditional spiritual development and the Human Design system.

I live in Knightstown, on Valentia Island in County Kerry, Ireland with my partner Rina Janssen who is an accredited Human Design Analyst ( My principle work in addition to work on developing the relationship of mind and experience, and the transformational potential arising from such an understanding is teaching spiritual development (